The Foundation

Zack was loved for his kindness, enthusiasm, selflessness, and courage to take on leadership roles. The Zachary Gerald Knight Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, recognizes these traits in rising leaders.



Annual Awards

The Zachary Gerald Knight Foundation prides itself on celebrating individuals who truly demonstrate leadership skills and show compassion and concern for others through acts of kindness and selflessness. We strive to honor those who uplift and set a positive example for those around them. Since the criteria we value cannot solely be measured in the classroom or on the sporting field, we rely on input from community members, faculty, peers, and others who note positive behaviors, acts of kindness, and leadership traits in the nominee.

Severna Park High School Financial Aid Award

Each year a graduating senior at Severna Park High School will be selected to receive the Zachary Gerald Knight Award. This monetary award is up to $2,500.00 of financial aid to be used as the recipient deems necessary when entering the next phase of life, whether that includes higher education, military service, or entrance to the workforce. Learn more about this award

Salisbury University ZGK Award

The ZGK Foundation provides graduating students of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Salisbury University with monetary awards to use as they enter the next phase of life. Award recipients demonstrate leadership skills and show caring and concern for others through acts of kindness and selflessness. Nominations are sent in by community members, faculty, peers, co-workers, etc. who note positive behaviors, acts of kindness and leadership in the nominee. Learn more about this award.



Board Members

  • Susan Knight
  • Gerald Knight
  • Chris O'Neal
  • Mark Priebe
  • Clayton Ramsey
  • Sean McAndrew
  • Travis Hamburg
  • Deb Hoffman (Emeritus)
  • Dr. Ken Hoffman (Emeritus)

Director of Communications

  • Caitlin Wood


  • Corey Nethen