2018 - 2019

Garrison Clark, MacKenzie Davis, and Hailey Blachly

2017 - 2018

Griffin Bathras, Nick Plummer, and Jenna Farrell

2016 - 2017

Robert Jackson & J. Cooper Clark

Robert Jackson & J. Cooper Clark receive their award from Sue & Jerry Knight.

Robert Jackson & J. Cooper Clark receive their award from Sue & Jerry Knight.


On May 18th, the ZGK Foundation was ecstatic to present its first awards at the newly constructed Severna Park High School during the Senior Awards and Showcase. It wasn’t an easy task as the class of 2017 was quite impressive: receiving a total of $22M earned in scholarships and acceptance into 100 different colleges!

Zack was a 2006 graduate of SPHS and demonstrated his ability to be a positive role model and leader during his time there.  

The foundation looked at its applicants through a wider scope this year: not solely grades or athletic accomplishments, but also considering input from community members, peers and faculty.

The first award went to Robert Jackson, who was commended for helping others, his positive attitude and “sense of humor which lifts and inspires others.”

The second recipient was J. Cooper Clark, a young man with a well-rounded resume who takes initiative in everything he touches and “brings exceptionalism to the table.”

Not to mention, these were not the only scholarships received by BOTH gentlemen during the ceremony! The foundation looks forward to seeing the recipients, as well as the entire class of 2017, lending themselves to a brighter future.