Congratulations 2018 Zachary Gerald Knight Award Recipients

We are pleased to announce the 2018 Zachary Gerald Knight Foundation Award winners from Salisbury University and Severna Park High School.

Board Members: Clayton Ramsey and Mark Priebe, with 2018 Salisbury University recipients. 

Board Members: Clayton Ramsey and Mark Priebe, with 2018 Salisbury University recipients. 

Zack was loved for his kindness, enthusiasm, selflessness, and courage to take on leadership roles. The Zachary Gerald Knight Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, recognizes these traits in rising leaders.

Our foundation strives to recognize graduating seniors who uplift and set a positive example for others. We look for positive role models and individuals who demonstrate leadership skills in the school setting and in the larger community. We recognize award recipients who exhibit traits including kindness, compassion, creating an inclusive environment, and selfless behavior.

Since the criteria we value cannot be measured solely by grades, nor accomplishments on the sporting field, we rely on student applications, nominations, and input from community members, faculty, and peers.

Our recipients receive monetary awards ranging from $500-$2,500 to use towards their next chapter in life, whatever that may be. This year, we were privileged to award almost $10,000 to graduating seniors. We are thrilled that past recipients have used part of their award to give back to their communities, truly living the mission of the Zachary Gerald Knight Foundation.

Congratulations 2018 Recipients!

Kappa Sigma, Pi Sigma Chapter, Salisbury University - 8th Annual Award

Arjun Shah
He's helpful and kind - "he willingly taught me the ropes so I would not fail." He reinforced these qualities by telling me that I, too, possessed these qualities and was doing a good job as well as being the best person I could be. "He's the type of person I strive to be like every day."

Shane Strott
Shane is often the behind the scenes kind of guy. He does the type of work required that others are unwilling to do. Most people don't know this about Shane and he is, therefore, what I'd call an under-rated asset.

Dex DiMattia
He is a great listener and puts others before self. I can lean on him - he is dedicated, compassionate and kind. I had taken on too many classes one semester - he was pivotal in helping me stay on track with schoolwork in order to graduate in 4 years; he helped me go from failing to passing.

Severna Park High School - 2nd Annual Award

Griffin Bathras
We are impressed with your resilience, courage, and compassion for others. You are known for “leading by example” and have made an impact with organizations such as the Unified Sports program and “Make a Wish” Foundation.  

Nick Plummer
We admire that you are never too busy to help someone and your initiative to create supportive and positive environments. Our board was impressed with your commitment to the Anne Arundel County Police Explorer Program as well as your volunteer efforts with various local agencies.  

Jenna Farrell
We are impressed with your ability to inspire others around you through your passion, energy and enthusiasm. "She genuinely cares about others without expectation of being acknowledged or recognized." She pushes herself to do her best and remains humble in the process.