June 26, 2015

Clayton: Hows life after college?

Joe: Life after college is great. Its definitely tough seeing the things I missed by not taking that extra lap but I dont have any regrets. Ive always known deep down that I wanted to be successful in business and now that I am on the right path there isnt anything I would trade in the world for this opportunity. 

Clayton: Dont worry about the old extra lap, you didnt miss anything… So what do you do now that youre no longer an undergrad?

Joe: I currently do product support and development for a financial services company located in Oaks, Pa. I also do my best attempt to pretend I am still an undergrad on the weekends.

Clayton: Haha, dont we all! Congrats on the job, did you really have to search for it or was the position pretty much lined up?

Joe: I did a lot of research and interviews for jobs that I had lined up. However, the best opportunity that came across for me was suggested by a member of the country club I was a bartender and server at throughout high school. So, while it was all about who I knew, the preparation secured the position. 

Clayton: Networking at its finest. So we all want to know, what did you end up doing with the money?

Joe: Well, I didnt start until July so I used it to help float me through the first month. I started making student loan payments and upgraded the suit wardrobe. 0-100…real quick.

Clayton: How has being a part of an organization like the ZGK Foundation molded your experience of leaving college and entering the real world?

Joe: I think I see people for their real worth. Not just in business, but how they are in their personal lives and what they offer to everyone around them. Someone can be the best at their job but if they dont take the time to do the little things, being friendly or taking a personal interest, then they really arent putting 100% effort into what they do. Ive learned that politics are in every facet of life but if you can stay as true as you can to the person you really are then people will look past that for the most part. Ive met many people with different backgrounds at work and I think being a part of the ZGK foundation has helped me to identify the difference of when people have genuinely good intentions and when their personal gain is all that matters. 

Clayton: Is there anything else youd like to add?

Joe: Its still hard to imagine that I was honored with this award after watching all those who won it before me. All those who came before me truly, and I mean TRULY, inspired me to do everything that I did while I spent my time at Salisbury. I just hope that I have inspired others to do the same and carry on the tradition that Zach established.