January 13, 2014

Clayton: Hows life after college?

Greg: Life is great! I have a lot of confidence after graduating college and am looking forward to my career.

Clayton: Thats good to hear! So what do you do now that youre no longer an undergrad?

Greg: I am currently working for my family business. My family has been working the water for a decades and we do everything from fishing to dredging oysters to crabbing; you name it, we do it. I am also in the process of applying for an officer position in the Army.

Clayton: Cool,so did you really have to search for a job after graduation or was it pretty much lined up?

Greg: I have yet to really job hunt as of yet (the family business isnt going anywhere so I knew I could do that for a while). My main goal right now though is to become an officer in the U.S. Army.

Clayton: So we all want to know, what did you end up doing with the money?

Greg: I ended up putting the money in my savings. It will help me pay off my student loans over time.

Clayton: Quite the responsible college grad, Greg, good to hear it! How has being a part of an organization like the ZGK Foundation molded your experience of leaving college and entering the real world?

Greg: Being a part of the ZGK Foundation and receiving the Award was the highlight of my time at Salisbury University. It is something that I can honestly say was one of the greatest moments of my life. I received this award because of the person that I am, and it has changed me by giving me the confidence in entering the real world. I know I can accomplish great things in life, and I will.