August 16, 2015

Clayton: Hows life after college?

Brian: Life after college is great. Im really enjoying growing and learning within my career. I have met some great people and am looking forward to the future.

Clayton: So what do you do now that youre no longer an undergrad?

Brian: I am now a Front-End Developer at a digital agency located in the Baltimore Inner Harbor. 

Clayton: Im not even going to pretend I know what that means, but it sounds important. Did you really have to search for a job after graduation or was it pretty much lined up?

Brian: For a few months I searched for a job. I ended up being offered/accepting a full-time position with an internship I had previously worked with. Within the past month I accepted a new opportunity in Baltimore.

Clayton: Thats great to hear! So we all want to know, what did you end up doing with the money?

Brian: Half of the money went to my first big purchase after graduation, my new car. I purchased a 2015 Honda Accord and couldnt be happier. My plan to donate the second half to the chapter has been put on hold due to internal chapter issues. If things look better next semester, I will make the donation.

Clayton: Wow, thats very generous of you. How has being a part of an organization like the ZGK Foundation molded your experience of leaving college and entering the real world?

Brian: The ZGK Foundation surrounded me with hardworking and dedicated individuals. I was able to speak with them and understand their experiences before entering the workforce myself.